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About the association
About the association

About Us Who are we?

Join us and influence your user experience

Welcome as a user of iScala or Epicor ERP business system.


The vision is to continuously inspire the users in the member companies to adapt and develop the iScala and Epicor ERP business systems in order to thereby support the business and improve the handling of business-critical processes.

Together we develop and influence

We collect ideas about the development and use of iScala or Epicor ERP business systems in order to be able to influence the development of the systems so that they always will be better from the user’s point of view.
We work to ensure that users in the member companies gain a deeper understanding of the functionality of the business systems.
In this way, users can develop the internal processes so that these support their own operations in an efficient way and comply with the prevailing market requirements.
We also help to inform you about news in the system and trainings for the users.
Together, we become a natural partner for the software developer and a united voice for users.



Göran Johansson

Signode Sweden AB


Erik Dahlgren

Ornatus AB


Richard Olsson

HECO Nordiska


Therese Alf

AP&T Sweden AB


Anna Niklasson

Tufvassons AB


Anne Lundgren

Talurit AB

Nomination committee

Hans Kers

Keland Data AB

Nomination committee

Rolf Liljeqvist

Roveda AB


Through our partners, we give our members the best value through lectures, trainings and knowledge.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

AJA System is a supplier specialized in services around iScala and Epicor ERP in western and southern Sweden.

Datema offers system solutions in the niche of industrial mobility, integration and ERP consulting.

-All-in-one solution in the cloud for financial reporting, budgeting, planning and consolidation.

-Specialized in the optimization of financial and sales data to achieve an efficient and automated financial process.

We have deep knowledge in all of iScala’s application areas and have also developed a number of interesting software products that complement iScala.

Need2Code offers professional consulting services with a focus on business systems, integration solutions and development.