Information on the Russia/Ukraine situation How is the Epicor iScala association and its members affected by the situation

Epicor has informed us of the situation regarding what the situation in Ukraine means for their business at the moment and from the Board side we would of course like to pass it on to your members.

Epicor’s operations in Russia are completely shut down and all staff are dismissed for the time being. Epicor, as most of you know, is an American company and in accordance with the sanctions etc. imposed there, Epicor has decided to suspend operations until further notice.

For those of you who don’t know, the primary development of iScala is based in Moscow and therefore Epicor has now taken the step of relocating it to be primarily performed by resources based in Sweden and India.

Of course, these resources are smaller than those available in Russia, so in the short term it will mean that the planned release of 3.6 will be delayed until the unclear future, while the resources that are allocated will be working on hotfixes, fixkits, etc.

Even if support and all other activities are not in Russia, it is clear that it also affects others, so in the case of support cases etc., there may be delays due to. situation.

There will be an official “statement” from Epicor but it is unclear when and what it will contain, so this is more for you to get direct information that may affect you.

This information will also be published on our member pages where you will be able to find information about your membership and your use of iScala

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